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Liquidation is an orderly and effective winding up of a limited company. It is a formal legal process that enables directors to free themselves from the burden of trading, providing relief from creditor pressure and when solvent unlock cash and capital tied up.

Bounce Back Loan

Bounce Back Loan and Covid-19 finance assistance is available to ease the impact of the pandemic. Such assistance may not always be enough and therefore business liquidation and closure can result which we can assist you with.

Personal Insolvency

Personal debt can be very worrying so our guides aim to help you explore your key options in a helpful, informative and transparent way. Do not despair, keep in mind that you are not alone and help is just a click away.

Company Closure

Closing a company is a process that needs to be properly managed to comply with the legal requirements. It does not always have to result in liquidation of a limited company.


Administration of a company is a process that looks to rescue the company and return it to profitability. Liquidation of a limited company is not inevitable in insolvency.

Want to know more about our services? Find out how Oliver Elliot can help with your company’s Liquidation and closure.

Oliver Elliot offer a fresh approach to insolvency and the liquidation of a company by offering specialist advice and services across a wide range of insolvency procedures.

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Liquidation guides to help you understand about solvent and insolvent liquidations.

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