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Where there’s Oliver Elliot there’s a way – we help with debt, insolvency and liquidation of a company

Oliver Elliot is a specialist firm set up by the Insolvency Practitioner, Elliot Green, our CEO. Oliver Elliot knows the insolvency business inside out. That means whatever insolvency issue you have, whatever industry you’re in, we have the expertise to help. Whether you’re a company director who wants to liquidate their company, or a creditor looking to recover a bad debt, we can help. We’re here to quickly resolve urgent insolvency, forensic and litigation issues.

Want To Close A Limited Company?

Oliver Elliot is the specialist insolvency firm that helps relieve your company from the burden of company debt or release your capital.

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Looking to rescue your company from debt or closure?

Oliver Elliot provides a caring and responsive approach to your needs so that you can attempt rescue your company as a going concern.

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How can we help you?

We strive to meet all of our client’s expectations, to deploy empathy, be conversant in our subject matter, act with expedition and be reliable to execute our functions.

Where there’s Oliver Elliot there’s a way. We know insolvency inside out.

Do you want to close a Company?

Closing a limited company is a complicated process. Oliver Elliot can advise you on various courses of action depending on the situation the company finds itself in.

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Need advice about company rescue?

Oliver Elliot are a firm of Chartered Accountants and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner equipped to help you rescue your business.

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Do you need advice about debt recovery?

Are you a Creditor of an insolvent company or a bankruptcy? Oliver Elliot offers a wide range of effective creditor recovery services including litigation and investigations.

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Are you wanting to resolve your HMRC tax debts?

Are you a Director of a company facing pressure to settle HMRC tax debts? If you are having such difficulty we can help you with a range of options.

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Oliver Elliot offer a fresh approach to insolvency and the liquidation of a company by offering specialist advice and services across a wide range of insolvency procedures. We have more than twenty years insolvency and business experience, resolving challenging business financial circumstances for both Directors and Creditors.


Who we help…

Oliver Elliot offers a variety of services and can accommodate you no matter what industry you are in and what insolvency services you require. We can do so much more than close a company.


Enabling you to relieve your Limited company from the burden of company debt and either close or rescue it.


Freeing up your hard-earned capital so that you can enjoy a tax-efficient extraction of funds.


Expertise at your fingertips for clients needing to release themselves from the burden of a company and seeking closure so that they might be able to retire their business.


If you are a creditor of an insolvent company or bankrupt we help and address your concerns when seeking to recover a bad debt.

I thoroughly recommend Oliver Elliot Chartered Accountants. I use them for all my client insolvencies as I find them to be very helpful and professional.

Andrea McCormickChartered Accountant & Chartered Tax Advise

I have worked with Oliver Elliot on many cases for more than 10 years. His level of attention to detail, expertise and the sheer energy he puts into his work are second to none.

David HarrisSolicitor

I have had a working association with Elliot Green for over 15 years. He is a consummate professional and always provides a first class service. I have no hesitation in giving him my full recommendation.

Barry TomkinsTask Associates

Oliver Green has substantial insolvency and restructuring expertise and a proven track record for generating returns for creditors even in nil asset insolvencies. They are used to dealing with difficult and challenging asset recovery and is known as an innovator in the market.

Luke HarrisonSolicitor

What can Oliver Elliot do for you?

Oliver Elliot offer a fresh approach to insolvency and the liquidation of a company by offering specialist advice and services across a wide range of insolvency procedures.

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Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)

If you are going to liquidate your company you will need to consider if the company is insolvent or solvent.

Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)

A solvent liquidation to enable you to obtain a tax efficient extraction of your hard earned capital.


A procedure to rescue your company as a going concern or enable a better realisation of its assets compared to going into liquidation.

Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

An arrangement between your company and its creditors freeing you to discharge the debt over a longer period of time to rescue the trading business.


The insolvency of an individual and an orderly winding up of their affairs to enable you to make a fresh start and face the future with confidence free from debt.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

An individual’s arrangement with their creditors to enable you to pay off the debt over a longer period and potentially at much a reduced sum.