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Addressing the challenges faced by businesses and individuals.


Recontruction of the records to identify the assets.


Realisations through claims for wrongful trading and other actions.

Liquidate Online (MVL)

Enabling shareholders of solvent companies to liquidate.


Freeing the Directors for the benefit of all creditors.

Asset Tracing

Extensive experience in overcoming trailblazers to unlock recoveries.

Expert Witness

Providing expert assistance to lawyers and litigants.

Liquidate Online (CVL)

Enabling insolvent companies to liquidate with expedition.

Our Approach

  • 1


    Deployment of Forensics to reconstruct records to enable proactive investigations.

  • 2


    Utilisation of insolvency procedures in the Insolvency Act 1986 so that creditors can be satisfied.

  • 3


    Legal processes and proceedings to maximise the returns by swelling the assets available.

  • 4


    Realisations distributed to creditors is their reward for engagement in the insolvency process.

Oliver Elliot is a firm of Chartered Accountants specialising in insolvency, forensics and litigation matters launched by Elliot Green FCA FABRP, determined to make a difference for creditors. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with challenging, contentious and critical cases. We are Licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


At the heart of the Oliver Elliot philosophy is the provision of independent professional advice that is shared with the stakeholders of an insolvency process with integrity, transparency and expedition.


We recognise at Oliver Elliot that creditors of insolvency process have already suffered loss and therefore we do all we can to provide objective advice. Putting the creditors first is what insolvency is all about. Aligned to that is the recognition that advice has to be useful and understandable. We provide full details as to how we have formulated our advice with reference to reliable sources and relevant authorities so that creditors can have deploy it with confidence and also undertake their own research if they so wish.

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