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Success Stories

Success Stories

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Oliver Elliot is a specialist firm set up by the Insolvency Practitioner, Elliot Green, who is our CEO. Putting the creditors first we are undeniably unique with our extensive experience of insolvency. We offer a vast variety of services and can accommodate you no matter what industry you are in and what insolvency services you require. We can help you in attending to your urgent and pressing insolvency, forensic and litigation issues.


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Reported Cases

Reported Cases

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Company Director

Close and liquidate? HMRC pressing? Are you solvent or insolvent?
Company Director

Fraud Victim

Company gone into liquidation or individual gone into personal bankruptcy?
Fraud Victim

Professional Adviser

Accountant, Solicitor or Adviser need insolvency advice for your clients?


Insolvency Practitioner


Addressing the challenges faced by businesses and individuals.


Asset tracing, expert witness, investigations and reconstruction of records.


Realisations through claims for wrongful trading and other actions.
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I thoroughly recommend Oliver Elliot Chartered Accountants. I use them for all my client insolvencies as I find them to be very helpful and professional.

Andrea McCormick – Chartered Accountant & Chartered Tax Adviser

I have had a working association with the CEO Mr Elliot Green for over 15 years. He is a consummate professional and always provides a first class service. I have no hesitation in giving him my full recommendation.

Barry Tomkins – Task Associates

Elliot is a tenacious Insolvency Practitioner who leaves no stone uncovered in attempting to maximise returns to creditors.

Henry Clappison – Solicitor

Elliot Green has substantial insolvency and restructuring expertise and a proven track record for generating returns for creditors even in nil asset insolvencies. He is used to dealing with difficult and challenging asset recovery and is known as an innovator in the market. Elliot’s expertise also allows directors and other stakeholders to properly understand the risks when insolvency becomes an issue through his pragmatic advice.

Luke Harrison – Solicitor

I have dealt with Elliot for in excess of two decades. He has always understood that creditors come first, and has worked around many problems with me on many cases. Elliot’s background and outlook has often been the route that saved a situation, when solicitors and counsel decided it was time to abandon the situation. I have no hesitation in recommending Elliot.

Michael Locke

Over the last decade I have had the pleasure of working alongside Elliot in my role as an After The Event legal expenses insurer on matters he presents to us for adverse costs insurance. My role as an underwriter requires me to consider the merits of a litigation and to insure the cases I believe to have a strong likelihood of being successful and to politely and diplomatically decline the cases that I think are likely to lose. Elliot is well known in the legal expenses industry as a very experienced insolvency practitioner who consistently delivers high quality cases that are well presented, well investigated and as close to sure fire wins as it is likely to encounter in our business. His professionalism, attention to detail and efficiency is highly regarded and I am happy to endorse him for his work.

Chris Thenabadu





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