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Can’t Repay Bounce Back Loan?

A Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) is a process that enables Directors to appoint a Liquidator in order to formally close down a company when they have taken out a Bounce Back Loan. Where there’s Oliver Elliot there’s a way.

Oliver Elliot can liquidate your company from £2,000 plus VAT and disbursements.

Relief from stress to close down your company.

Orderly winding up of your company.

Freeing the company from the burden of debt.

Where there’s Oliver Elliot there’s a cost-effective way.

Want to know more about our services? Find out how Oliver Elliot can help with your company’s Bounce Back Loan and free it from the debt burden.

Oliver Elliot offer a fresh approach to insolvency and the liquidation of a company by offering specialist advice and services across a wide range of insolvency procedures.

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Oliver Elliot handled the closure of my company, under MVL when I retired last year. This was done smoothly and efficiently to the complete satisfaction of all concerned. I found Oliver Elliot to be approachable and helpful and very patient in answering my questions & queries.

Director – Pauline Stoffberg

Oliver Elliot came recommended and was able to provide me with a clear understanding of how the liquidation process works. Oliver Elliot’s skills and experience were quickly apparent providing me reassurance matters would be safe in their hands. All steps of the process were dealt with swiftly and professionally and they were able to draw upon years of experience and contacts to ensure the process was completed as soon as possible and within the agreed fees.

Director – Ben Luget

Who we help…


Relief from creditor pressure and stress of the repayment of Bounce Back Loans.


Freeing you up to pursue new business ventures after having to deal with the effects of Covid-19.


Expertise at your fingertips for clients needing to release themselves from the burden of a company and seeking closure so that they might be able to retire their business.


If you no longer need your Limited Company in light of IR35 and you do not want the ongoing cost of having to do accounts and returns then you can cheaply liquidate with us.

ICAEW Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

Free no obligation consultation

We have more than twenty years liquidation and business experience, helping Directors and Shareholder. Contact Us for a Free Initial Consultation.

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