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The Pasta Bar Specialists Limited Goes Into Liquidation

The Pasta Bar Specialists Limited being Company number 08092236 (“Pasta Bar”) crashes into Liquidation with effect from 24 November 2021. The Pasta Bar went into Creditors Voluntary Liquidation owing creditors a whopping £4,992,637.13 as shown on the Statement of Affairs signed by Gennaro D’Acampo on 22 November 2021.


The last accounts for the Pasta Bar signed on 26 July 2021 by the Director, Gino D’Acampo, showed that it had net liabilities over £5 Million.


Major Creditors Of The Pasta Bar Specialists Ltd

At the point of Liquidation, the major creditors of the Pasta Bar appear to have been related companies.

RBG Realisations 2020 Limited, (“RBG”) (formerly known Restaurant Bar And Grill Limited) was declared to be owed c.£2.8 Million. RBG went into Administration on 25 November 2020.

In addition, the last filed accounts revealed that a related company, Gino D’Acampo Worldwide Restaurants Limited, had incurred expenses on behalf of the Pasta Bar and was owed at the date of Liquidation, c.£528k.

The Pasta Bar appears to have been losing money each year since incorporation on 1 June 2020 with increasingly insolvent balance sheets filed.

HMRC also appears in the list of creditors being owed £113,975.52.

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