Free of Charge

Oliver Elliot's supply of traditional creditor services is entirely free of charge.

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How We Add Value?

By assembling records and reconstructing them to identify, discover and then recover the assets.

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Creditor Services

Creditor Services


Creditor Services is about what Oliver Elliot can do for you as a creditor, both in and out of an insolvency situation where you are owed money.


Unless there is a specific engagement that creditors want that is out of the norm then there is no contractual relatonship ordinarily entered into between Oliver Elliot and creditors. If you are a creditor in insolvency you can go straight to Insolvency Creditor Claim.


What may arise subsequently is that Oliver Elliot’s CEO Elliot Green acting in the capacity as officeholder may assume a fiduciary responsibility to the creditors as a whole.

Added Value Service (Forensic Review)

For creditors who need assistance with completion of insolvency forms and their submission, Oliver Elliot is happy to assist to ensure that your claim is recorded for voting and dividend purposes.


However, we add value because we will go the extra mile for creditors by undertaking a thorough forensic review of all of the available documentation and then reporting back to creditors with expedition as to the likely estimated outcome and options available.


If this is a service of interest to you do not hesitate to contact our CEO Elliot Green.

Added Value Service (Replacing the Officeholder)

Although unlikely to be a popular decision Oliver Elliot’s CEO, Elliot Green has at the request of creditors acted instead of a number of other officeholders over the years.


The process can be a delicate matter but ultimately the wishes of the majority of creditors should usually prevail if the correct approach is adopted.

Added Value Service (The Insolvency Service)

In many instances at the request of creditors we can act instead of the Official Receiver when the services of an Insolvency Practitioner are considered warranted or simply desired by creditors.


We have a vast wealth of experience and constructive relationship with the Insolvency Service at its offices nationwide and the procedures to be deployed to effect the same.

About the Author:

Elliot Green
Elliot Green FCA FABRP Director and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

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