Are you a creditor or director looking to address an insolvency problem?

If you are a creditor or director of an insolvent company or a bankruptcy, Oliver Elliot can help you address your claim and concerns arising from the insolvency.

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An Insolvency Practitioner is a person who is licensed to assist companies and individuals in financial difficulty.

Insolvency Practitioners can assist those in financial difficulty both in a formal and informal way. Informally an Insolvency Practitioner can provide advice. Formally however an Insolvency Practitioner can be appointed to accept the role of what is known as the office-holder i.e. the person who will in effect take control of the financial affairs of a company or an individual.

What is an Insolvency Practitioner Formal Appointment?

An Insolvency Practitioner can take formal appointments and control in the following types of typical insolvency:

There are other appointments such as Administrative Receivership and Law of Property Act Receiver.