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Are you a director of a UK Limited Company?

If you are a director struggling with tax debts, Oliver Elliot can help you address your tax concerns and deal with HMRC.

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Struggling with tax debts – how to get help.

Struggling with tax debts is a difficulty faced by many company Directors during the life of a business. There are two components to tax ie. the filing of returns to notify HMRC of the amount of tax you owe to HMRC (more likely than the other way around) and then there is the point at which you, with alacrity no doubt (!), get out your cheque book and pay HMRC the tax that is due, so that you do not end up struggling with tax debts.

It is important that whatever tax you are faced with having to attend to such as corporation tax, VAT, PAYE, CIS or National Insurance that you ensure that you file the tax returns when they fall due and do not make the problem worse even if you have faced with a cash flow difficulty. If you do not file the returns on time, then you risk facing HMRC taking matters into their own hands and telling you what the tax is that you have to pay.

In order for HMRC to assess the tax that you have to pay they will look at historic returns and you also risk having to pay fines and penalties as a result of the failure to submit the returns on time. There is not much point overlooking tax compliance because a) you will still be charged tax b) you are in effect in breach of the law which requires the filing of returns and c) you are fined for the breach of the law. So instead of later on struggling with tax debts you should file your returns on time in any event.

If you are struggling with tax debts that you cannot pay then there are a number of ways as to How To Resolve HMRC Tax Debts. If you are struggling with tax debts then contact our CEO, Elliot Green for a Free initial consultation. Do not delay! Contact Us now as we can help you.

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