Director Disqualification

Leave from Director Disqualification

Permission for leave to act as Director not granted, yet: Rwamba v The Secretary of State for Business Energy And Industrial Strategy [2019] EWHC 2669 (Ch):

“Gabriel Rwamba makes his application under section 17(3) Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 (the “Act”) for permission under section 1A(1) of the Act in what are understood to be novel circumstances: he is disqualified because of breaches of a previous section 17 order.”

“Permission given to one who has already been disqualified twice, and the second time for breach of an earlier permission, carries with it the unavoidable additional risk that the disqualification regime is perceived as lax and permissive, a perception which would lead to a lowering of corporate standards contrary to a purpose of the Act. So, the reasons in favour of permission are going to have to be that the more cogent if it is to be granted.”

“Unless Mr Rwamba wishes to continue to pursue this application on better evidence it will be dismissed with costs.”

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