Insolvency Litigation Dispute Resolution like all litigation ideally is to be avoided but sometimes it is the only route to resolving a dispute. At Oliver Elliot we have a remarkable wealth of experience of using litigation successfully to help creditors obtain recoveries, even when they might have written off their debt.

Antecedent Transactions

Antecedent Transactions

Antecedent Transactions such as Transactions at an Undervalue, Preferences and Transactions Defrauding Creditors can all be mobilised to help you as a creditor get better recoveries in an insolvency. Find out how with us at Oliver Elliot.

Wrongful Trading

Want to know the difference between Wrongful Trading and Insolvent Trading. You have come to the right place. Find out all about it here.

Wrongful Trading

Fraudulent Trading

Fraudulent Trading and Wrongful Trading are not the same. Want to know the differences? You have come to the right place. Find out all about it here.

Misfeasance and Breach of Duty

Find out all about Misfeasance, Breach of Duty and Breach of Trust at Oliver Elliot’s Guide.

Misfeasance and breach of duty
Unlawful Dividends

Unlawful Dividends and Overdrawn Director Loan Accounts

Unlawful Dividends, illegal dividends, overdrawn director loan accounts and other distributions. Find all about them here as we can assist with their recovery and realisation for creditors.


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