Fraudulent Trading

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Fraud Investigations


Fraud Review

We provide an objective review of the information available to assist clients in their consideration of how to address situations where they have been the victim of fraud.



We will undertake the fact fnding interview of relevant individuals to attempt to identify and discover the material features of fraud for clients with reference to the available objectively reliable information. We will compare and contrast how and whether the documentary trail fits the facts that a relevant individual is prepared to put forward and rely upon.


Interogation of Computer Data

A thorough examination of available computer data can and is likely to be reasonably required in any material fraud and financial investigation. We are equiped to investigate such data by imaging the data, examining it in detail and reporting on our conclusions to clients for them to assess how the same would be capable of being deployed.


Typical Cases

Whether it is a partnership or shareholder dispute, a Ponzi scheme, professional negligence or simple illegal dividends at Oliver Elliot we have skills to make a real difference by enablement of discovery and articulation of the facets of suspected fraud.

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