Are you a creditor looking to recover your money?

If you are a creditor of an insolvent company or a bankruptcy, Oliver Elliot can help you address your claim and concerns arising from the insolvency.

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Asset Tracing is usually the act of assembling information to follow a paper trail to discover how assets have been transferred so that they can then be recovered.

Our CEO, Elliot Green, is often asked to act as officeholder to deploy our skills to recover the assets and property to which the insolvency estate appears entitled for the benefit of creditors.

Disputes over assets do not always involve their transfer or misappropriation; they can arise in relation to a known asset to which parties need to trace underlying rights of ownership.

Asset tracking is a legal process of locating something of value to an individual or company that has been misappropriated. Asset tracing is closely related to fraud or theft where victims lost their assets due to unfortunate events such as scam, embezzlement or theft, and now they want to use this tool called asset tracing to initiate the asset recovery process.

Asset tracing is not just a process arising from insolvency cases and the effects of the Insolvency Act 1986, it arises from a considerable array of fraud investigation cases.

How to Trace Assets?

We are experienced in working with legal professionals to locate, identify and freeze stolen assets. We are also experts at tracing a transaction from its origin through to destination.

We can help you to recover assets through civil remedies and act as court-appointed receivers to seize and manage recovered assets. Review of the paper trial required to undertake the tracing exercises assumes that the information has been assembled.

One of the crucial features that enables us to provide a service second to no-one in asset tracing is our unparalled experience and expertise in knowing how to reconstruct and assemble that information. More information is available on this in the reconstruction section.