Fraud Victim


Fraud Victim


If you believe that you are a fraud victim and that you have been scammed by a fraudster we can help. We specialise in undertaking fraud investigations often in an insolvency case or context.

It is very common for a fraudster to use insolvency as a way of avoiding or attempting to defeat a creditor by distancing assets and moving them around, often leaving behind insolvency companies or attempting to use bankruptcy. With the correct to a fraud investigation there is no reason that the position cannot be recovered from and creditors get some or even all of their money back.

Fraud means different things to different people but ultimately it will usually involve some element of dishonesty, whilst depriving the victim of some or even possibly all of their money.

We work tirelessly for fraud victims in seeking to deploy our experience typically in insolvency cases such as a Liquidation, Administration and Bankruptcy.

An Insolvency Practitioner who might be the Liquidator, Administration or Trustee in Bankruptcy has very considerable powers provided in legislation to deal with cases of fraud in insolvency to help the fraud victims.

In doings so we will often need to engage in reconstruction of records so that the money trail can followed and the assets traced.


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