Forensics is at the heart of the Oliver Elliot approach to insolvency proceedings. We have a keen enquiring mind and attempt to leave no stone uncovered in seeking to not only maximise returns for creditors but ensuring that our investigations are ethical, efficient and effective.


Learn about how a fraud investigation works and can help

At Oliver Elliot we have exceptional experience of undertaking fraud investigations so that we can maximise recoveries for creditors in insolvency matters. Have you a matter where you suspect fraud and there appears a need for a forensic investigation? The time to act is now and we can help.

Asset Tracing

Want to learn about how we can help you trace assets that have been moved around to avoid you as a creditor? We can help. Learn about our approach and how to trace assets with us.

Asset Tracing
Expert Witness

Can you act as an Expert Witness?

The answer is yes we can. Our CEO, Elliot Green FCA FABRP can act for you as an Expert Witness in insolvency proceedings having attending court many times as a witness in an official capacity as liquidator or trustee in bankruptcy.

Tax Disputes with HMRC

Are you the subject of a tax investigation and enquiry? We can help you. We have an excellent understanding of the approach of HMRC and we have good relationships with them. Get in touch to discuss matters.

HM Revenue and Customs


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