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The Little Green Buttons

Never did we think these little green 🟩 🟩 🟩 buttons could be so influential.

Little Green Buttons

More than 18 months ago they did nothing as they sat on a website provided by the Insolvency Service only as part of the design πŸ–ΌοΈ as they now do today. However, one day around 18 months ago they fired πŸ”₯ to life.

For the past 18 months they were just another button to click on a website. They occupied no serious πŸ’­ thoughts in my mind. They sat there and excelled, as they obediently did their job. Without fuss or interference they just got on with it, to help generate a full bank ledger so account reconciliations could be done with alacrity.

The Green Buttons Turned Truant

Then πŸ’₯ wallop suddenly something (or somebody πŸ€”) *fixed* what was not broken. The little green 🟩 🟩 🟩 buttons turned truant. 😑

The Insolvency Service accounts who provide this website ironically can’t access it directly and it seems have limited knowledge about this discrete element of its functionality. Their outsourced IT people seem in control of it.

The IT People’s View

However, if the incurious has not already switched off, the tale gets *even* more interesting because the IT people say the green 🟩 🟩 🟩 buttons *never* worked.

So visions of a Witness Statement by:

🟒 Green

🟒 green with envy of those whose

🟒 green button fuelled websites work

🌱 sprouted in our mind.

Development Of The Evidence

It is now two weeks since we sent all we knew about these little green 🟩 🟩 🟩 gems (and the evidence from the fruits of *their* last 18 months labour) to the Insolvency Service.

The questions put to me in response have been thought-provoking. Such as, have we got special software installed on our systems. We have assured them not – at least not to our knowledge – and whilst we can put together website pages, delving into backend website hacks is not within our skillset – or desired one.

So the party who (hopefully πŸ€”) finally sorts this out will forever have a very special place in ourπŸ’š.

Update On The Green Buttons Since February

The Insolvency Service has now written to us recently to say that the security ‘upgrade’ that caused the loss of the little greens’ functionality that was hoped to be rectified will not be done for now.

They tell us they will no longer provide monthly support via the provision of a batch of statements to us as their service offering has changed. Instead, we will now have to case by case extract statements instead of doing it in one go. They say:

As this is the current service offering, we will be unable to continue to provide additional support in printing and emailing PDFs to you, as we have been doing.


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